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Early reading, whether it is in a parent’s lap, on the carpet of a classroom, or in a snug reading corner, gently but indelibly imprints upon us the mould from which will cast a lifetime of communication in the world
                                                                   - Alex Quigley

At Whitchurch Primary, we believe that developing children as expert and enthusiastic life-long readers is a fundamental entitlement for every individual pupil. Reading is a journey that starts with children learning to read and develops into children being able to read in order to learn. Reading is the key that opens many doors and successful readers will have a head start in all that they do. 

I declare, after all, there is no enjoyment like reading                                                        -Jane Austen


How to support your child at home

At Whitchurch Primary, we understand that practise makes progress. We encourage children to read 5x per week at home to their parents and carers. This frequent reading practise will support your child with their reading journey. 

We also understand the importance of reading for pleasure. As stated in the Reading Framework 2023: Parents who engage their children in books prepare them to become committed and enthusiastic readers: they can transform their attitudes to reading. Their children learn to focus and share the enjoyment of the story; they learn how stories start and finish, and how a plot unravels and is resolved; they learn that books can transport them elsewhere. Without this, as Wolf said, they cannot experience ‘the exquisite joys of immersion in the reading life.

For this reason, we greatly value the need for parents reading stories to their children. Each week, the children are given the opportunity to visit our school library and check out a book to take home. We also regularly hold book fairs to provide parents with the opportunity to purchase any books. Finally, children are given many opportunities throughout the school year to win books or book vouchers.

If you want further guidance on how to best support your child with their reading at home, please click on the link below, where the Book Trust give some fantastic advice.

Whitchurch Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

For more information please see the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy in the policies section of our website.

Please read the policy here