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Aims, Values and Intent

Achieving Our Best Together!



  • Children learn best when they are happy and secure.

The first aim therefore is to create a happy, secure, stable and caring environment in which children can develop to the full.

  • No two children learn in exactly the same way

We aim to meet the needs of every child.

We aim to provide varied and challenging learning experiences in order to help pupils develop lively inquiring minds, to be creative and to expand their intellectual capacities.

We aim to develop a child’s independence and personal responsibility in the learning situation, so that with encouragement they become self-disciplined, well motivated and best equipped towards fulfilling their individual potential.

  • Children need skills and knowledge, which are relevant to adult life and which will enable them to cope with our changing world.

We aim to provide a sound foundation in literacy, numeracy and ICT skills and to foster attitudes towards these disciplines so that pupils can use these skills efficiently and effectively.

  • Children need to understand the world in which they live.

We aim to provide opportunities so that children can gain a wide knowledge, experience and understanding across the curriculum. In doing so they will develop, use and apply language, mathematical and creative skills, which will enable them to gain and understand new information.

  • Children need to be able to integrate into and contribute to society.

We aim to impart moral values including tolerance of all religions, races and ways of life, as well as fostering international links.   We encourage children to relate positively with others and to take responsibility for their own actions.


  • We aim to provide a highly professional, caring and effective teaching staff who can bring to their teaching their knowledge and experience of the society in which we all live.


  • We aim to provide a support service that will enable all staff to work effectively and to provide a good working environment for the children.


  • We aim to encourage parents to be supportive of their children and the school and to work in partnership in the educational process.


  • We aim to be well informed, accessible and supportive.


We aim to promote positive partnership between child, teacher, parent, governor and the community


Our School Values are adapted from the London 2012 Olympic Values. They are:

  • Respect – fair play; knowing one’s own limits; and taking care of one’s health and the environment.
  • Excellence – how to give the best of oneself, on the field of play or in life; taking part; and progressing according to one’s own objectives.
  • Determination – the drive and motivation to overcome both physical and mental barriers in order to achieve your goals.
  • Courage – having the self-belief and confidence to overcome adversity and face difficulty.
  • Awareness – showing respect and humility towards all those around you in the spirit of fair play.
  • Friendship – how to understand each other despite any differences.
  • Effort- Always giving everything one's best!

Remember it as REDCAFE!




Our Vision:

Collaboration between schools, delivering excellence for children and young people

Our Values and Beliefs:

Belief in the transformational and life-enhancing power of education

Service to our community

Partnership and professional generosity

Honesty and openness

Our Aims:

A rich and exciting curriculum where our pupils thrive and develop character

Strong progress in outcomes, especially for disadvantaged children and young people

Excellence in professional learning and development

Strong and strategic leadership at all levels

High quality and cost-effective central services

Our Culture:

Significant delegated authority to each Headteacher and Governing Body

Our schools maintain their own character and distinctiveness

Our Curriculum Intent!

At Whitchurch Primary School we believe in a…

Broad Curriculum, brought alive!

 It is our intent to provide children with a curriculum that is relevant to their lives; linking with what they already know and can learn from, taking into account the rich heritage and advantages offered by our immediate, local and national surroundings, both physical and in terms of time.

 It is our intent to provide the children with a curriculum that is ambitious and exciting! We want our children to learn from experiences, WOWs and through actively interacting. We have introduced our ‘one thing a week’ initiative, which over time has evolved into our ‘broad curriculum, brought alive’ aim, where each topic is introduced by an event, visit or happening!

 It is our intent to provide the children with a curriculum that follows a firm concept. Our curriculum builds on skills that are learnt on a year by year basis. What is learnt in Year 1 will be built on in Year 2. What is covered in Year 4 will require knowledge from Year 3. By ensuring this across and within year groups, we intend to ensure every child makes progress every year.

For more information on our Intent, Implementation and Impact, please head to Children's Information> Curriculum!

Whitchurch Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

For more information please see the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy in the policies section of our website.

Please read the policy here