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Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.                                    - Lawrence Clark Powell

At Whitchurch Primary, we believe that developing a love for reading and engagement with literature is essential for each child to achieve in all areas of the curriculum. For this reason, reading is intrinsically linked to writing and the stimuli and models for writing are selected with great care. Our texts have been carefully selected to offer children an exposure to a broad and rich world of literature, drawing on both Whitchurch school values and British values, whilst also supporting children to become successful readers and writers.

English at Whitchurch Primary

  • English lessons are planned in sequences (generally 3 weeks long).
  • Most units of work are based on The Literary Curriculum from the Literacy Tree, which is a thematic approach to English. Children experience quality texts, significant authors and a wide range of themes and genres.
  • Grammar and punctuation skills are taught within lessons, and then applied in purposeful and engaging short writing opportunities, building towards a final piece where new and existing skills can be showcased.
  • Units have been selected to complement the school’s curriculum topics where possible and to ensure coverage of the full range of writing composition, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary objectives for each year group.
  • Skills progression maps support consistently high expectations for children’s writing skills


  • From Year 1, children are set a weekly list of spellings from an overview which ensures coverage of all the high-frequency words, spelling rules and patterns outlined in the national curriculum.
  • These words are introduced in class, with regular opportunities to practise and apply them in written work.
  • Children are asked to practise them at home for a short spelling test which helps their teacher to understand how well they have been learnt and where further teaching and support is required.

Whitchurch Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

For more information please see the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy in the policies section of our website.

Please read the policy here