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Modern Foreign Languages

‘You live a new life for every language you speak. If you only know one language, you only live once.’

Czech proverb (in Mary Myatt 2018 p. 178)

 At Whitchurch Primary School, we believe that foreign language learning not only develops knowledge of a new language, but also fosters confidence and a sense of achievement, as well as inspiring curiosity about the wider world. As a school, we follow the scheme of Language Angels. Through this, children are inspired to recognise, recall and spell words and phrases in Spanish. They will then progress to be able to speak confidently in sentences, leading up to holding a conversation in another language. 

Children will learn Spanish in units. These units include:

- Do you have a pet?

- Food

- Clothes

- What is the weather?

- Topics including the Romans and the Vikings

If you would like to see specific topics year groups will be taught, please check out this unit overview. 

Whitchurch Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

For more information please see the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy in the policies section of our website.

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