Year 4 2019/2020

Here are some of last year's Year 4 children demonstrating how to work out calculations using the four operations. Click on the links to see them in action!


Year 4 division:

Year 4 multiplication:

Year 4 subtraction:

Year 4 addition:

We made some teeth using clay! Ask any of us which our incisors, canines or molars are...

Click the link to view our latest Talk for Writing performance. Enjoy! 

Have a look at some of the weaving we did using sticks on our Anglo Saxon day!

Year 4 2018/2019

We had lots of fun learning about our armed forces today!

Elizabeth, Holly P and Callum enjoyed writing up all the class' exciting storm words for our writing today!

Haven't you heard? Rats have been seen all over Year 4's classroom! Lucky these ones were very friendly! 

Have a look below to see what we will be getting up to this term!

Happy Mother's Day! We had a go at writing our cards in Spanish!


We had a lot of fun making our own Roman Pots!

Have a look below to see what we will be getting up to this term!

We got to have a look at what some of the new classrooms will be like!

Term 3 Talk 4 Writing!

Did the children tell you? Year 4 made poo! The digestive system is fun but yucky!

Below are some pictures from our class assembly, we showed you lots of things we have learnt!

We tried to work out what our digestive systems looked like!

Year 4 science reports using a green screen!

Year 3/4 Trip to Cheddar Gorge!

Year 4 2017/2018

Term 6 Talk For Writing

Year 4 camp!

Term 5 Talk for Writing!

Melting chocolate experiment!

Year 3 and 4 trip to St Nicholas Graveyard

Having a go at ordering fractions!

Year 4 2016/17

Year 4 camp!

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All the 2017 Dance Umbrella photos!

Our Term 3 Week 1 Talk for Writing performance.

We enjoyed an archery lesson as part of our PE.

Guitar Man Jack introduced us to how a rock band operates!

Everyday maths work!

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