Whole School 2019-2020

Term 3 Week 2: Introducing Whitchurch the Wallaby! Our new school mascot!

Term 3 Week 1: Happy New Year and India celebrations!

Term 2 Final Week: Parties, concerts and our annual sing-a-long!

Term 2 Week 6: The PTA Christmas Fayre, Village Light Switch On and Christmas Dinner day!

Term 2 Week 5: Christmas is here: Nativity, Choir and Breakfast with Santa!

Term 2 Week 4: A wonderful Year 4 assembly and another charitable collection from the school!

Term 2 Week 3: Sculpture club, Year 5 assembly and wet play comedy club!

Term 2 Week 2: A fantastic week of Antarctic activities!

Term 2 Week 1: A great start back with Kapla, a cinema trip, rockets and fireworks!

Term 1 Final Week: We finish with a fabulous 'Spooky Disco!'

Term 1 Week 7: We have just enjoyed an amazing poetry festival with Waycroft Primary School!

Term 1 Week 6: Our website is up and running again! A selection of events from the last 3 weeks!

Term 1 Week 3: Harvest Festival, some unexpected visitors, pancake sales and our Grand Opening!

Term 1 Week 2: It's Reception's first full week! Hooray!

Term 1 Week 1: Welcome back to Whitchurch!

Whole School 2018-2019

Final Week: A fantastic series of Year 6 leavers celebration events! Have a great holiday!

Term 6 Week 6: Sports Day, Cycling Proficiency and Rock Steady! Hooray!

Term 6 Week 5: Brave Bold Drama present 'Wonderland' to the school. Thank you PTA! Also, the rocket competition beings!

Term 6 Week 4: : Science Story Telling in the sun!

Term 6 Week 3: A farm trip, library open morning and Armed Forces Day!

Term 6 Week 2: Formula 1 National champions!

Term 5 Week 5: Year 6 school camp!

Term 5 Week 5: Year 5 London Trip: Natural History Museum and Harry Potter Studios!

Term 5 Week 4: Year 4 Camp!

Term 5 Week 3: A visit from the NSPCC!

Term 5 Week 2: Chicks, Bath city farm and Bitton Railway visits!

Term 5 Week 1: Well done to our Year 4 team for representing Whitchurch Primary at the BBC studios! 

Term 4 Final Week: April Fools Day, School competition winners and a disco! A great final week!

Term 4 Week 5: A win for Whitchurch FC and Science stories for all!

Term 4 Week 4: Netball matches, Bookmark sales and Formula 1 racing!

Term 4 Week 3: Site inspections and a visit from a Scientist!

Term 4 Week 2: World Book Day!

Term 4 Week 1: A visit to the Roman Baths and our 'Construct a school' competition begins!

Term 3 Week 4: Curriculum Share and the roof is on!

Term 3 Week 3: KS1 visit SS Great Britain, the Mayor visits the gym and fantastic STEM work in Year 4!

Term 3 Week 2: KS2 to a specialist STEM day at Oasis Brislington, EYFS to the Antarctic!

Term 2 Week 6: Two wonderful Nativity performances!

Term 2 Week 5: Christmas dinner, Breakfast with Santa, Carol singing and RockSteady!

Term 2 Week 4: The changing face of Whitchurch and a great Year 3 assembly!

Term 2 Week 3: School expansion begins and a fantastic Year 4 assembly!

Term 2 Week 2: Children in Need, Y5 assembly, Parliament work, cinema, Black History and EYFS show round!

Term 2 Week 1: Chinese celebrations! Children tasted food, carried out quizzes and tried their hand at writing!

Text 1 Week 8: Fire Brigade visit, Football, spooky lessons and our spooky disco!

Term 1 Week 7: Fossil digging and dinosaur building!

Term 1 Week 6: Our new school banner and Key Stage One on a local walk!

Term 1 Week 5: Macmillan, Fastest Finger First, Football and gardening! All in a week at Whitchurch!

Term 1 Week 4: Books and breakfast, outdoor activities and cake making: Our broad curriculum brought alive!

Term 1 Week 3: Our 'Broad Curriculum Brought Alive' initiative begins with trips to the Antarctic and the Stone Age!

Term 1 Week 2: New Reception have joined us! Welcome to Whitchurch Primary School!

Term 1 Week 1: Welcome back! A new colour scheme and 'House tubes!'

Whole School 2017-2018

Term 6 Final Week: It's an end of an era! Goodbye Year 6!

Term 6 Week 6: The swimming team WIN at the Keynsham swimming gala. Hooray!

Term 6 Week 5: Superb sportspersonship and winning at Sports Day 2018!

Term 6 Week 4: Another fantastic summer fayre! Well done for the PTA for organising, teachers for helping and parents and children for attending!

Term 6 Week 3: Y2 to WSM, F1 National finals, BloodHound SSC, Broomhill Cricket and a Feathers assembly!

Term 6 Week 2: An EYFS Bonanza with the REAL project and a visit to Folly Farm!

Term 6 Week 1: Two great visits this week: The Exploradome and Aston Martin Cars!

Term 5 Final Week: Year 5 London Trip!

Term 5 Week 6: Some of the great activities going on following the end of SATs!

Term 5 Week 5: The EYFS REAL project links to a nursery, and the Year 4 sleepover!

Term 5 Week 4: Amazing outdoor pursuits, including netball, football, swimming and gardening!

Term 5 Week 3: F1 Week! Great activities and presentations in school, and out: We have won the regional final!

Term 4 Week 2: Chicks in Reception and thank you to the PTA for new Breakfast Club activities!

Term 5 Week 1: What a start back! Mad Science, Feathers McGraw entries, a 'rat infestation' and F1 school finals!

Term 4 Last Week: World Book Day take 2, Disco and Fingers McGraw!

Term 4 Week 5: A superb KS1 Art Exhibition in support of charity. Well done to all involved!

Term 4 Week 4: Whitstock music performances and a visiting theatre group! Thanks to the PTA for funding!

Term 4 Week 3: The school netball team in action and cross school team building!

Term 4 Week 2: Snow at Whitchurch and EYFS launches the ever popular REAL sessions!

Term 4 Week 1: A specialist gymnastics teacher visits and 'Open The Book!'

Term 3 Week 5: A fantastic 'India Day' in Key Stage One!

Term 3 Week 3: Well done to the PTA for organising this superb Guide Dog visit!

Term 3 Week 2: The first whole week gets off to a flying start with Forest Schools!

Christmas: Bath Abbey, Christmas dinner, Carols by Candlelight and Parties!

Christmas! Two great nativity performances on Tuesday and Thursday!

Christmas! A great PTA Fayre and superb singing from the choir at the 'Whitchurch lights switch on!'

Term 2 Week 4: Stay and Play in EYFS and our Rock Steady Concert!

Term 2 Week 3: Anti Bullying Week : Yoga, SARI, VR Headsets and Team building exercises!

Term 2 Week 3: Cinema visits, Christmas Boxes and Children in Need!

Term 2 Week 2: The Fire Brigade visit Key Stage 1!

Term 2 Week 2: Well done to the PTA for another amazing fireworks display!

Term 2 Week 1: Reading competition winners get first 'climb' on our new equipment.

Term 1 Week 6: New playground equipment is coming and our ICT club in action!

Term 1 Week 5: A Tree Giant visits the school. Riley presents fantastic gymnastics!

Term 1 Week 4: Thank you for supporting 'Books and Biscuits' in aid of MacMillan! Well done Whitchurch FC!

Term 1 Week 3: Teacher arrested! We also welcome the return of Kapla!

Term 1 Week 2: Books and Breakfast! Children celebrated harvest with a healthy breakfast and a book to read!

Term 1 Week 1: Welcome to Reception class, Welcome to Whitchurch Primary School!

Whole School 2016-2017

Term 6 Week 7: Our Leavers' service, performance and picnic!

Term 6 Week 6: Sports Day! Well done Willow for a sterling win!

Term 6 Week 5: A sensational performance of 'What a Good Idea!' from the school choir!

Term 6 Week 4: Year 6 End of Year celebrations begin...

Term 6 Week 4: Year 4 sleepover!

Term 6 Week 3: PicNic on the field!

Term 6 Week 2: A visit from two police officers on their police horses!

Term 6 Week 1: A fantastic Summer Fayre. Well done to the PTA for their hard work and vital support!

Term 5 Week 5: Our visit to the Natural History Museum and the Harry Potter Studios!

Term 3 Week 4: Curriculum Share!

Term 5 Week 3: Year 6 Camp!

Term 5 Week 1: As part of our History work, a University Professor visited us to work on our surnames!

Term 4 Week 7: Our musicians and dances perform 'Whitstock 2017!'

Term 4 Week 6: Our outdoor cooking day and Easter Disco!

Term 4 Week 5: Our Dance Umbrella 2017 performance!

Term 4 Week 4: Year 3 enjoy a trip to the Roman Baths!

Term 4 Week 3: Visits from a mythological character and IK Brunel!

Term 4 Week 2: We celebrate World Book Day with a Big Book Breakfast!

Term 4 Week 1: Term 4 begins with the excitement of a penguin visit!

Term 3 Final Week: Wins for our school teams, St. Nick's join us for a bear hunt, and our 'Help The Homeless' Collection.

Term 3 Week 5: EYFS writing and our inter-school history topic begins!

Term 3 Week 4: 'Brave, Bold Drama' perform a superb 'Hansel and Gretel'. Thank you to the PTA for organising and funding this.

Term 3 Week 3: We are joined by pre-school children from the local community to develop our dexterity skills!

Term 3 Week 2: New play equipment for break times!

Term 3 Week 1: We held an election to vote in our E-team and introduced a 'Friendship Stop' as part of Anti-Bullying week.

Term 2 Week 7: Our community 'Carols by Candlelight' enjoys it's highest attendance ever!

Term 2 Week 6: Our children visit Bath Abbey and enjoy a Christmas dinner!

Term 2 Week 5: Our choir perform at the Whitchurch 'Christmas Lights Switch on!'

Term 2 Week 5: Many thanks to the PTA for another amazing Christmas Fair!

Term 2 Week 5: Christmas begins with our EYFS and KS1 Nativity!

Term 2 Week 4: This week the choir performed in praise assembly. Well done to all the children involved and also Mrs Taylor. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance. 

Term 2 Week 2: Our Christmas boxes head off to Eastern Europe!

Term 2 Week 1 Weekend: Our fireworks display. Thank you to the PTA for all their hard work!

Term 2 Week 1: Broadlands 'STEM' day, a return visit from 'RockSteady' and our foodbank donation.

Term 1 Week 7: The netball team and end of term Spooky Disco!

Term 1 Week 6: A taster session from a local archery coach!

Term 1 Week 5: A visit from Jamie of RockSteady, showcasing his musical talents!

Term 1 Week 4: The school football team in action!

Term 1 Week 3: A visit from Huw Powell, author of the 'SpaceJackers' series!

Term 1 Week 2: Year 2 perform a rain dance. It worked! (With the help of a sprinkler...)

Term 1 Week 1: Outrageous! Year 5 and 6 teachers caught playing in the pond!

Whole School 2015-2016

Term 6 Last Week: Our School PicNic and balloon launch!

Term 6 Final Week: Two great services with Year 6. We will miss you!

Term 6 Final Week: We all enjoyed our Sports Day in which Oak were declared winners!

Term 6 Week 5 Weekend: Well done to the PTA for the fantastic summer fayre!

Term 6 Week 5: Year 5's Enterprise car wash, and a visit from the M&M Theatre Company.

Term 6 Week 4: Year's 3, 4 and 6 have all enjoyed Red Lodge trips in the last two weeks!

Term 6 Week 3: Year 4 and 5 embark on the Kilve Court Residential! Click Class 4 or 5 tabs at top for more!

Term 6 Week 2: Our singers and dancers perform with aplomb at the BPASF AMJ Reggae Festival!

Term 6 Week 1 Weekend: Year 6  at Croft Farm! See the Class 6 page for all photos. (Tab above)

Term 6 Week 1: An archaeological dig on the field, alongside fish and chips on the lawn! Happy Birthday Ma'am.

Term 5 Week 6: Outstanding EYFS work and a visit to British Aerospace!

Term 5 Week 4: Visit galore! Artists, dance instructors, singing coaches and the 'Boys' Brigade!'

Term 5 Week 3: Year 3 enjoy their 'overnight' camp on the school field!

Term 5 Week 2: Year 2 enjoy a visit from a professional artist!

Term 5 Week 1: What a week! New equipment, Tim Peake's Space Seeds, Year 5 won the regional finals of F1, a visit from a farm and the choir attended the Beacon Lighting! Phew!

Term 4 Final Week: The Peter Pan performance is enjoyed by all, and a visit from Heart FM's Paris Troy!

Term 4 Week 3 and 4: Dance Umbrella and Whitchurch star in a road safety advertisement!

Term 4 Week 2: World Book Day!

Term 4 Week 2: Our main corridor is updated by Truroe One! Many Thanks to the PTA for funding this!

Term 3 Week 5: Our new 'televised' bird box. We will show 'nest building' updates! A new salad bar in the hall!

Term 3 Week 4: A visiting story teller spins his yarns!

Term 3 Week 3: A professional MUGA coach joins us, whilst whole school tree planting begins! 

Meanwhile... What's going on in Year 5?

Term 3 Week 2: Trampolining at Broadlands and Year 4 win the attendance pizza party!

Term 3 Week 1: Children enjoying our new QR code treasure hunt!

Term 2 Final Week: Christmas Party fun!

Term 2 Final Week: Christmas dinner is served!

Term 2 Final Week: Our Nativity Play performances are enjoyed by all!

Term 2 Final Week: Our Carol Choir visit the Lunch Club!

Term 2 Week 6: A job assembly from Governor Mrs. Buckland!

Term 2 Week 5 Weekend: The school choir join the Whitchurch Village Association for the Christmas lights show

Term 2 Week 5: Our PTA Christmas fayre is another success! Well done to the PTA.

Term 2 Week 4: Reception writing with a difference and a visit from a local tree surgeon!

Term 2 Week 3: Year 1's assembly and a visit from the Dogs' Trust (who helped us keep safe around dogs).

Term 2 Week 2: Reception's assembly and Fireworks night! A super night of fireworks put on by the PTA!

Term 2 Week 1: Our new MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) and Trampoline!

October Holidays: What's going on at Whitchurch?

Term 1 Week 5: Kapla returns, the new football kit debuts and watch the middle playground!

Term 1 Week 4: Children enjoy a 'Play Pod' restock!

Term 1 Week 3: Our Stone Giant traps are set!

Term 1 Week 2: The School Team compete in the ESFA Saturday Tournament, whilst Friday sees our MacMillan Coffee Morning!

Term 1 Week 1: Someone has arrived on our school field!

Please note this video was created entirely before/ after school and at break/ lunch times.

Whole School 2014-2015

SUMMER HOLIDAYS: Shaun goes to the Mall!

SUMMER HOLIDAYS: Our new roof and corridors are installed!

LAST DAY: Farewell to Year 6 at the PIcNic!

Term 6 Week 6: Year 6 leavers events! Good luck to all of Year 6!

Term 6 Week 5: Whitchurch take their Formula 1 show to the UWE ICT conference!

Term 6 Week 4: As part of our 'Flight' topic, we are joined by the RNLI (who use helicopters and drones!)

Term 6 Week 3: As part of our 'Flight' topic, we are joined by a Kiting expert!

Term 6 Week 3: Mrs. Kierk presents an assembly about previous jobs! Year 5 go on The Big PicNIc!

Term 6 Week 2: The GIST Lorry visits to teach us road safety!

Term 6 Week 1 Weekend: Year 6 visit Croft Farm Water Park!

Term 6 Week 1: The Welsh Falconry centre kick start our term's topic: Flight!

Term 5 Week 6: Speakers from Manchester United and the Royal Legion discuss their jobs!

Term 5 Week 5: Duncan Goodhew visits with our swimming awards!

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Term 5 Week 4: Our RHS team win Silver in the Bath and West Thriving Trolleys competition!

Term 5 Week 3: Science Week begins with a BANG!

Term 5 Week 2: Whitchurch children visit the BBC gardens as part of our RHS work!

Term 5 Week 1: Well done Year 5 for winning the F1 Regional competition for the third year running!

Term 5 Week 1: On our first day back, something unusual is on the field...

Term 4 Final Week: The school swimming team excelled at the South West Finals! Art club begins!

Term 4 Week 5: An electrifying assembly from Mr. Hawkesby. Well done for a superb presentation!

Term 4 Week 4: Whitchurch Primary children witness the solar eclipse!

Term 4 Week 4: Whitchurch Primary Dance Group excel at the 2015 Dance Umbrella show!

Term 4 Week 4: Mr. Gardiner informs the school about his exciting job as a mounted police officer!

Term 4 Week 3: An inspiring assembly from Mr. Tait detailing his job as a nuclear engineer!

Term 4 Week 2: Construction of our green house begins!

Term 4 Week 2: A fantastic effort from the school on World Book Day!

Term 4 Week 2: Bedtime stories! Thank you to everyone who came back to school for stories and hot chocolate!

Term 4 Week 2: Our job assemblies continue. A superb assembly from Mrs. Stacey!

Term 4 Week 1: Exciting assemblies: 1 from Bristol Recycling, 1 fantastic 'Job Assembly' from Mrs. Fowgies!

Term 3 Last day: A fantastic assembly showcasing Year 2's amazing work this term!

Term 3 Week 6: Thank you for your incredible generosity in raising funds for the NSPCC.

Term 3 Week 5: 'Mad Science' return with another thrilling assembly!

Term 3 Week 4: The NSPCC deliver child protection assemblies to the school.

Term 3 Week 3: Twitchers using our new bird 'hides' and lessons being led by children!

Term 3 Week 1: Our Anti-Bullying Week begins with an assembly from an Anti-Bullying expert!

Term 6 Final Week: Christmas Sing-a-long!

Term 6 Final Week: The choir sing at ComputerShare, our Ablaze reading partners.

Term 6 Final Week: The choir sing at our local church.

Term 2 Week 6 Saturday: Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 perform their Nativity play at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm!

Term 2 Week 6: Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 perform their Nativity play!

Term 2 Week 6: Christmas dinner is served!

Term 2 Week 6: World War 1 Project share: Well done to everyone who made a project, and thank you to our historical artefact exhibitors.

Term 2 Week 6: Sensational singing again from Years 3 and 6 at the Bath Abbey Carol Concert.

Term 2 Week 5: Sensational singing from the school choir at the Whitchurch Village Christmas Light Switch On!

Term 3 Week 5: Thank you to everyone who supported the PTA Christmas Fair!

Term 2 Week 4: Mr. Parker, a professional singing teacher, visited the school. We also had a visit from various creepy crawlies courtesy of ZooLab!

Term 2 Week 3: A sculptor is working with Year 3 and 4 on a new piece of art for the school. Thanks to the Whitchurch Village Fete Association for the funding!

Term 2 Week 2: Lewis performs at the Whitchurch Village Fete Cheque Presentation. Thank you to the organisation for awarding us £200! Meanwhile, Ablaze sign up readers at Computershare!

Term 2 Week 2: Children in Need 'Dress as a Hero day!'

Term 2 Week 2: Remembrance Day poppy pictures.

Term 2 First Day: Children enjoy our new playground game: Kapla!

Well done to Jack for winning the school mural competition with this superb effort!

October Holiday: Work on our school mural begins!

Term 1 Final day: Our 'Spooky Night' disco was a fantastic end to a great first term!

Term 1 Week 7: Our after school dance club perform to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller!'

Term 1 Week 6 Saturday: Many thanks to all the children and parents who attended our RHS Gardening Day. Thank you to Mrs Fox for organising such a great day! Well done!



Term 1 Week 6: Year 4's Euro-café in full swing! Economic awareness at it's finest.

Term 1 Week 6: A specialist PE teacher visited the school to deliver movement lessons to YR, 1 and 2!

Term 1 Week 5: A theatre company performed Robin Hood to the school as part of our Literacy learning!

Term 1 Week 4 Saturday: Well done to the school football team who participated in the ESFA U11s' tournament.

Term 1 Week 4: The MacMillan Coffee afternoon was a roaring success! Thank you to all who supported it!

Term Week 3: We now offer two after school clubs each day! Which one do you belong to?

Term 1 Week 2: Our new look Praise assembly is enjoyed by all. Y5 and 6 had a visiting Basketball coach too!

2014/15 Begins!

Term 1 Week 1: We begin the new year with the opening of our Mini-Golf course. Many thanks for the Sainsburys vouchers!

Whole School 2013-2014

Final day: A big farewell to Mrs. Tibbatts. Thank you for making Whitchurch Primary School a great place to be!

Also, well done to Mrs Jameson for all your hard work over 13 years, enjoy your new job, and congratulations to Mrs. Taylor, who is off to have her baby!

Term 6 Week 7: Year 6 Leavers church service. Thank you to all who attended. Excellent singing this year too!

Term 6 Week 7: All children are presented with a WW1 commemorative book to finalise our centenary year.

Term 6 Week 7: Our final week begins with Sports Day!

Term 6 Week 6: Another school camp! Year 3 enjoyed an overnight stay on the field!

Term 6 Week 6: A superb performance from the school guitar band.

Term 6 Week 6: An amazing assembly from the Mad Science team!

Term 6 Week 5: Thanks to everyone who supported our Summer Fayre!

Term 6 Week 5: Year 4 and 5 enjoyed their residential trip to Kilve Court!

Term 6 Week 4: Sports week continues with basketball, rugby and climbing!

Term 6 Week 4: Our Sports week begins with fencing and badminton lessons for all!

Term 6 Week 3: We all enjoyed the centenary pageant. Thank you to everyone who attended and took part!

Term 6 Week 3: Parents are invited to view the centenary displays. Many parents spotted themselves in old school photos.

Term 6 Week 3: The silver trail competition! Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Term 6 Week 3: We go 100 years into the future as part of centenary week. Alien fingers, moon stars and energy pills for dinner!

Term 6 Week 3: More centenary week fun with an ice rink and bouncy castle in the playground!

Term 6 Week 3: Our centenary celebrations continue with our open day.

Term 6 Week 3: Our centenary celebrations begin with a Victorian/ Edwardian day! The teachers were very strict!

Many thanks to Carlos and the Community Payback team who have worked hard to brighten up the school.

'I've never seen a school with this much to do at playtimes!'- A member of the team.

Term 6 Week 2: Representatives from the school attended Pupil Parliament, where we made important decisions about the future!

Term 6 Week 2: More Problem Solving Company activities!

Term 6 Week 2: The Problem Solving Company visited us! We all took part in problem solving activities.

Term 6 Week 1 Friday-Monday: Year 6 visited Croft Farm in Tewkesbury for their residential visit!

Term 6 Week 1: The zipwire is open! We will all have the chance to use it this week!

Term 5 Week 5: As part of our Science Week ExplorerDome visited. We all went inside a planetarium in the hall!

Wig Wednesday 21.05.15. We raised money for CLIC Sargent, a charity caring for children with cancer.

Term 5 Week 5: A BOC Scientist visited Year 5 and 6 to mark the beginning of Science Week!

Term 5 Week 4: Eco-Council have constructed a mini-beast mansion. We hope to study the creatures that move in!

Term 5 Week 3: Miss Jodie from Oasis Academy visited us to deliver Dodge Ball lessons!

Term 5 Week 2: Mr John from Broadlands Academy visited us to deliver PE lessons with a difference!

Term 5 Week 1: Our Easter Parade!

Term 5 Week 1: Poppy planting to commemorate World War 1.

Term 4 Week 5: We participated in Dance Umbrella, a regional dance festival.

Term 3 Week 5: Tobogganing to celebrate the Winter Olympics.

Term 3 Week 5: Curriculum Share. Parents come to see the great work at Whitchurch Primary School.

Bistro Buddies: Upper school children offer assistance at lunchtimes. They earn virtual money to spend on trips and rewards!

Sustainable Schools: We compost our organic food waste, which is used to grow vegetables in our allotments, which goes back on the school menu!

Term 3 Week 6: Valentine Day Disco!

House Challenge: Children of all ages work together in their houses on various challenges.

Play Leaders: Upper school children offer assistance at lunchtimes. They earn virtual money to spend on trips and rewards!

Term 2 Week 1: Macmillan Coffee Morning. One of our many ways of supporting local and national charity events.

Term 5 Week 1: Harvest Breakfast.

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