Reception: Ravens

Week 8

Autumn day

At the end of term, reception and K1 had an Autumn day, they spent their day making nature collages, toasting marshmallows, building dens outside and going on an Autumn walk (looking at the changes surrounding them)



Halloween potions! 

In week 8, some children decided to make their own potions in the roleplay area. Happy Halloween! 




In week 8, Raven and Robin class made biscuits. We decided to make Halloween biscuits. We washed our hands, measured our ingredients, stirred them well and used our hands to mould the dough. We then put them in the oven! While we waited for the biscuits to cook, we had a discussion about what happened to the ingredients when they mixed together and spoke about the changes that might occur when the dough was in the oven.


Week 2-4: Making new friends and settling in! 

The new children in Raven class have made an excellent start to their time at Whitchurch Primary.
We have been getting up to so much; we've made new friends, settled into our new environment and started to become familiar with the school routines. Have a look below to see a snapshot of the many things we've been getting up to!

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