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Term 3 Week 1

From Wednesday 6th January 2021 and onwards, home learning will be uploaded onto Microsoft teams, where I will also be providing live lessons throughout the day.
Please email Mr Hornsby at if you need any support with accessing your Teams account.

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Please send photos of your learning to me at I would love to see the excellent work you are creating and will respond with feedback!

Please click on the link to open today's phonics lesson. You will need a pencil and paper.
Phase 3 Lesson 13 ai

Please read a story from Bug Club. 


Flashcard numbers to 10 (parents - please create flashcards by cutting out a square of paper, and writing each number (0-10) per square. Flash the numbers one at a time and see if your child can recognise it! 
Count to 10 forwards and backwards. 
Click here to sing 'count to 20 and workout'.
Today, we would have been exploring 'more' and 'less'. What do you think it means if something has more? What do you think it means if something has less? 
Parents - create two piles of objects (this could be anything you have in your house - toys/fruit!). One pile must have a few, e.g. 2, and one pile must have lots, e.g. 7. Can your child identify which group has more and which group has less? 
Can they then create their own groups of more and less? Repeat this a few times.
Challenge question - can they explain why it has more, e.g. 'because 6 is a bigger number than 2'. 

Breaktime: 11:00 - 11:20

I would love to hear all about Christmas! I am sure Father Christmas brought you some lovely things... for today's writing lesson I would like you to write a list of a few things you got for Christmas. Remember, to write a word, we must sound out the word on our FRED fingers, then have a go at writing it. Once you have written your word, you need to press the sounds and blend to check you are right. If you are finding writing words easy and oyu didn't need any help from your adult, then you can have a go at writing a simple sentence, such as 'I got a ...'. Remember, in order to write a sentence, we must use a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end. Say your sentence aloud until you know it well, then sound out each word before you write it. Once you have written a word, read your sentence from the beginning to help you find which word comes next. Don't forget finger spaces between each word! 

Lunchtime: 12:15 - 13:15

Click here to take part in a 'PE with Joe' session.


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