Year 6 2018/2019

Term 3 Talk for Writing!

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Year 6 Parent Assembly: A small section of the assembly, see our Facebook page for all of it!

Year 6 2017/2018

Year 6 Camp!

Year 6 Leaverss assembly!

End of Year Camp!

Year 6 Camp Day 4.

Year 6 Camp Day 3!

More Year 6 Camp Day Two!

Year 6 Camp Day Two!

Year 6 Camp Day One!

Year 6's Talk for Writing performance.

Our Enterprise Project raises money for the class!

A professional singing teacher prepares us for Bath Abbey!

Archery lessons as part of our PE

A 'STEM' link with Broadlands Secondary school

The teachers who fell in the pond!

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